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July 2014 Archives

Testing the limits of driving while drunk and high

President John F. Kennedy famously said that Americans ought to ask what they can do for their country, not what their country can do for them. But it's doubtful that he imagined anything like the group of people who have been volunteering for the federal government to get intoxicated on alcohol and marijuana before attempting to drive.

Colorado man arrested for DUI while driving lawnmower

If you drive about 50 miles north of Denver you will come to Garden City, Colorado. It is there that a man was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence while he was behind the wheel of a lawnmower.

No cheers for lowering drinking age

Three decades ago, the top song was Prince's "When Doves Cry," the biggest movie of the year was "Ghostbusters" and the Olympics were held in the United States. People who were 18 years old at the time also saw the legal drinking age move up to 21, where it remains today.

Ride-sharing company claims it drives DUIs down

Ride-sharing services are growing in popularity around the nation. One of the most popular of the services - Uber (available in Denver) - is claiming that it is responsible for a drop in DUI arrests. Law enforcement officials are reportedly not convinced that the claim is accurate, however.

Justice for a justice?

There is no doubt that certain events can change a person's career trajectory. We have written in this space before about Denver police officers arrested for driving under the influence and how it impacted their jobs and the department. One officer pleaded with the cops who pulled him over to let him go so that his career wouldn't suffer.

Are alcohol makers targeting ads to underage drinkers?

The marketing of alcoholic beverages takes a variety of approaches, from the naming of Coors Field here in Denver, to music-pounding, high-fiving TV commercials and to print advertisements suggesting that certain drinks can make people more attractive. In fact, those print ads have come under scrutiny recently from researchers who say people between ages 18 and 20 are those who get the most exposure to magazine ads for alcoholic beverages.

Denver area DUID data back in the news

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about a Denver area substance abuse treatment center. The Arapahoe House is back in the news, with its CEO talking to a local newspaper about the increase in drivers coming to the facility after being arrested for DUID (driving under the influence of drugs).

Fourth of July DUI arrests down in Denver area

Fireworks erupted against Denver's skies on the Fourth of July, as area residents celebrated the nation's independence. But some of the bright lights that night were not colored explosions, but were cast by police cars pulling motorists over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Adding up the costs of a Colorado DUI conviction

They say that everything has a price and that nothing in life is free. Those axioms are certainly true when it comes to a DUI conviction. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, a conviction for drunken driving can cost a person $10,000 or more.

Heat is On across Colorado for Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a favorite summertime holiday filled with fireworks, friends and family. The three-day weekend this year will for many people include travel to getaway spots, meaning our highways will be clogged with vehicles - including police cars and officers strategically placed to detect and arrest motorists for DUI.