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Mistakes to avoid when the police lights go on

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

We all make mistakes. But in some situations, the consequences for making mistakes can mean legal problems that can have a profound impact on your life.

One of those situations in which the stakes are high and room for error is low is when the Denver police car lights go on and you’re pulled over. If you’ve made the mistake of having one drink too many, you might be arrested for drunken driving.

A recent article looked at some common mistakes people in that situation make, including joking with the officer who has pulled you over. While you might have a great sense of humor, when you’re in the middle of a traffic stop with a possible DUI looming, it’s not the time to show off your wit.

It’s also very possible that if you adopt an indignant or belligerent tone that your encounter with the officer will be increasingly unpleasant. Most people who have been through the experience find that answering the officer’s questions politely and directly is a better way. Even if you have decided to decline to take a breath test, it’s a good idea to do it politely.

A far-too-common error in the situation is for a driver to volunteer an opinion that yes, they are drunk or might be intoxicated or that they have had too much to drink, and so on. That’s the kind of damning information that a judge can use when deciding a case.

Finally, another mistake people can make after a DUI arrest is in choosing an attorney who has little experience in the field. Having an attorney who knows the details of the law can be vital to a client facing harsh DUI penalties.    

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