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June 2014 Archives

Denver substance abuse facility sees rise in DUID arrests

There was a gentle snowfall in Denver on the first day of 2014, but the elements didn't deter people from lining up for the openings of Colorado stores legally selling marijuana. In the nearly seven months since, arrests for driving under the influence of drugs have been rising, says a CEO of a Denver area substance abuse treatment center.

Underage DUI can mean summertime blues

Remember those days as a teenager when summer vacation stretched ahead for months of glorious fun? It’s a special time in life. Teens are getting their driver’s licenses, going on dates, hanging out with friends but also sometimes experimenting with alcohol.

Alcohol consumption debate rages on

Scientists and doctors seem to be forever changing their minds on what is good for us to eat and drink and what is bad for us to consume. Some foods, such as eggs, have been promoted as a good part of a healthful diet and also condemned as a way of pushing cholesterol to unsafe levels.

The Denver Police Department has DUI problems

There is no doubt that the men and women of the Denver Police Department put their safety on the line to serve and protect the citizens of our city. But like everyone else, police officers must deal with difficulties in life. In fact, a series of DUI arrests and alcohol-related incidents among members of the department has compelled Denver’s police chief to order a review of alcohol abuse among city cops.

Colorado woman charged with DUI three times in one week

Because it sits on the outer southeast corner of the Denver metro area, Parker doesn’t often make headlines. But a recent case there was under the spotlight of national attention after a Douglas County woman was taken into police custody on suspicion of driving under the influence three times in a single week.

Colorado ignition interlock devices explained

A person gets in their car, turns the key and nothing happens. The engine remains silent. Dead battery? Maybe. It’s also possible that the person has an ignition interlock device installed in their car and that the device has detected an unacceptable amount of alcohol in the person’s breath. The device is designed to then prevent the car from starting.

Colorado Breathalyzer tests questioned after faulty calibration

Imagine that you're driving an hour north of Denver in Weld County. A police officer pulls you over and asks you to take a breath test. You're informed that the test shows that your blood alcohol content is unacceptably high. You are then placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

Denver cop allowed to drive drunk?

It almost sounds like a script for a movie. All the ingredients are there: sex, violence, intrigue and questions about police misconduct. The tale comes from a local TV station reporting on two Denver police officers and their wives. The four reportedly got into a drunken brawl recently, with the wives in one fistfight and the husbands in another.

Endless summer of Colorado DUI enforcement

Summer time in Colorado offers an incredibly wide variety of outdoor activities that attract visitors from around the world and make us glad to be residents. It's also a time when the State Patrol, Denver Police Department and other law enforcement agencies conduct season-long DUI enforcement.

Social media used to warn of DUI checkpoints?

Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Snapchat: the list of popular social media goes on and on. Because social media is virtually omnipresent in the lives of so many people in the Denver area, it’s perhaps not surprising that police say it’s being used to warn drivers to avoid DUI checkpoints.