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Country music fest sees DUIs drop

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Thousands of Denver country music fans recently made the four-hour drive west for a weekend of country music, camping and fun. Lady Antebellum, Eric Church and Jake Owen were headliners at the four-day event that ended this past Sunday.

While clean-up crews swept across the Grand Junction campgrounds collecting tons of garbage on Monday, local law enforcement officials assessed their impact on an annual event at which alcohol flows freely. A Colorado State Patrol captain said 15 people were arrested this year on DUI charges; a drop from past years.

“Fewer this year than 2005, we had 43 DUI arrests,” the captain said.

He said a couple of factors were key to lowering the number of people taken into custody. The State Patrol helped Country Jam organizers increase the numbers of buses and taxis available for those concertgoers too intoxicated to drive. Plus, law enforcement officials had worked to get the message out that there would be a significant police presence in the area. “We had 23 troopers out on the road this weekend,” the captain said.

The heavy presence of police paid off in traffic safety as well, as no fatal car accidents occurred over the four-day event.

“We’re happy with the way it turned out this year,” the State Patrol captain said.

Of course, for the 15 who face DUI charges, repercussions could extend well into the future with the possibilities of jail time, probation requirements, mandatory classes, fines and license restrictions looming. Defense attorneys can help them sort through their legal options so that they can make informed decisions as the legal process unfolds.

Source:  KJCT, “Country Jam ends, clean up begins,” June 24, 2014