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April 2014 Archives

Colorado DUI arrests up this year

Denver's ABC TV affiliate reports that the Colorado State Patrol was busier than normal last weekend, patrolling the state's highways and streets. Every uniformed officer worked all weekend as part of the department's "Zero Fatalities, Zero Tolerance" program.

Is Colorado felony DUI bill stalled in committee?

Hundreds of bills have been introduced in this session of the Colorado legislature, with more than 200 still pending, according to a report in the Colorado Springs Gazette. So far, 182 proposals have been approved by lawmakers and sent to the governor and 151 have been voted down or indefinitely delayed.

Clemency to be extended to many federal drug inmates (2 of 2)

As we began discussing in the previous post, the U.S. Department of Justice has announced a new clemency initiative aimed at releasing certain inmates from federal prison who were unfairly sentenced under unfair drug laws.

Clemency to be extended to many federal drug inmates (1 of 2)

During the height of the war on drugs in the 1980s, countless Americans were handed down harsh prison sentences for drug possession convictions. Many of those who received unduly harsh sentences were poor minorities and it soon became clear that the war on drugs promoted racial inequality.

A glimpse into the future of Colorado DUI enforcement?

We have more than once written about the efforts of politicians to toughen Colorado DUI laws. Politicians are busy crafting ever-harsher penalties elsewhere, too. One example is Florida, where lawmakers are considering a law that would require repeat DUI offenders to submit to two breath tests per day.

The cost of pleading guilty to vehicular homicide, assault

If someone in Denver is facing criminal charges, he or she has a decision to make: plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. All of these options have different benefits, but they may also have very serious consequences. Although some people in Denver may have seen television shows or movies in which individuals plead guilty to something, their consciences are cleared and a judge sentences them to a reduced sentence for taking responsibility for their crimes, this is rarely how real life works. Unless a criminal defense attorney has been working with prosecutors to create a plea bargain, entering a guilty plea will not lead to a reduced sentence.

Felony DUI bill making its way through Colorado legislature

It’s a rare moment in modern politics in which both sides of the political aisle are mostly in agreement.  Bipartisan harmony on a bill that would make repeat convictions for DUI a felony in Colorado sent the measure sailing through the House Appropriations Committee yesterday with unanimous approval.

Local sports pundit disses Helton for last year's DUI arrest

They say that to err is human, to forgive, divine. In his 17 seasons patrolling first base for the Colorado Rockies, Todd Helton made his share of errors. But he more than made up for the occasional miscue on the field by smacking baseballs over the outfield wall.

Yes, there's an app for when you're pulled over for DUI

There are tens of thousands of apps that do everything from help people dress and eat, find dates, find mates, find phones and find themselves, that it seems it might be easier to list the things that apps don't do than to list all the things they can do.

DUI patrols will increase throughout prom season in Colorado

For many teenagers, the next few months are among the most exciting of the year -- and of their entire high school career. That's because the next sixty days-plus will not only see diplomas handed out at graduation, but also the rite of passage that is the prom. However, teens here in Colorado should be aware that the start of prom season was not only noted by school administrators, teachers and even area retailers, but also law enforcement officials.