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Colorado DUI arrests up this year

| Apr 30, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges

Denver’s ABC TV affiliate reports that the Colorado State Patrol was busier than normal last weekend, patrolling the state’s highways and streets. Every uniformed officer worked all weekend as part of the department’s “Zero Fatalities, Zero Tolerance” program.

Troopers were busy writing citations, as they have been all year. DUI arrests made by troopers were up 12.8 percent in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the first quarter of last year. Also up in the first quarter of 2014: speeding tickets (17.2 percent), citations for seatbelt violations (14.9 percent) and felony and misdemeanor arrests (7 percent), according to the report.

The chief of the Colorado State Patrol said he wants troopers to have “zero tolerance” for behaviors that can endanger other drivers and their passengers.

Of course, the Denver Police Department also regularly sends out increased patrols to look for possible drunken drivers. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s website, the Denver Police will have increased patrols on the weekend of May 9 through May 12. The patrols will be at or near the Thomas Jefferson High School prom, Wellshire Golf Course, Lincoln High School and Infinity Park, the site states.

Increased patrols will go out the following weekend for the George Washington High School prom.

Later in May, drivers across the state can expect heightened patrol activities over Memorial Day weekend.

Those arrested for DUI/DWI will face a suspension of their driver’s license. However, a driver can request a hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles at which they can be represented by an experienced DUI attorney to fight for their rights and driving privileges. 

Source: ABC Denver, “CSP conducts ‘Zero Fatalities, Zero Tolerance’ weekend to actively prevent fatal crashes,” April 26, 2014


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