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April 2013 Archives

U.S. Supreme Court rules against warrantless blood tests for DUIs

The U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled that police will in most cases need to obtain a search warrant before blood tests can be ordered for any individual charged with a drunken driving offense. Prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement officers maintain that the alcohol in the bloodstream would dissipate and disappear over time, and requiring a search warrant following a DUI arrest would result in delays in having the blood drawn.

The complications of sexual assault cases

An article about sexual assault and domestic violence allegations at an Ivy League college out east presents a bleak picture of what sometimes occurs on our college campuses. However, it also tells a story about how false reports of these crimes can sometimes interfere with the abilities of officials and institutions to deal with the circumstances.

Colorado DUI enforcement may change this summer

The Memorial Day holiday is just over a month away, and it will likely be the first "Heat Is On" campaign for 2013. In 2012, Colorado's law enforcement program was responsible for hundreds of drunk driving arrests. This year, it is likely that the number of arrests will increase.

Teacher charged with sexual assault avoids felony charges

An Englewood, Colorado teacher recently pled guilty to having sexual relations with one of her students. What's unusual about this particular teacher's circumstances is that she will likely receive no jail time as a result of this plea.

Charges reduced because of plea deal in Colorado drug case

Even individuals charged and convicted with seemingly serious drug possession charges are not always required to serve lengthy sentences. A Colorado man was sentenced to 71 days in jail and four years of probation for allegedly having in his possession cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, hashish and other drugs at his apartment place.

Dangers for teens on spring break

Spring time brings a number of life-changing opportunities for Colorado teens. Of course, there are spring break vacations, where teens and college students travel to warm venues (i.e. Florida, Arizona and even Mexico). Also, spring is prom season, where high school students get a chance to enjoy an evening of glitz and glamour.

Colorado driver charged with felony concerning alleged chase

A Colorado driver allegedly led law enforcement officers on a four county chase. Police claim the driver was traveling at speeds of 100 to 110 miles per hour, and several times swerved to avoid spike strips that authorities had placed upon the road.

Former soldier from Colorado arrested for DUI

A former Fort Collins, Colorado city council man that had served in Afghanistan found himself pleading guilty to drunken driving. This individual testified at court that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He claimed PTSD may have been affecting him the evening that he was charged with a DUI.

The dangers teens face with marijuana

As the dangers of smoking become ever so obvious (through television and radio commercials) the danger behind marijuana smoke has been less than evident. Health advocates are even more concerned after the passage of Amendment 64 which legalized the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado. They believe that the law sends the wrong message to teens; specifically that marijuana is safer than tobacco.

Domestic violence charges involving woman are dropped

Domestic violence is a crime generally associated with male partners is a relationship, but occasionally women can be charged with the crime as well. In a nationally publicized story, domestic violence and assault charges were recently dismissed against a woman that was accused of punching and biting a former college football star, Maurice Clarett.

Clark Gable's son arrested for drunk driving

The son of Hollywood icon Clark Gable was recently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Malibu. According to reports by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, 52 year-old John Clark Gable allegedly hit a car near the Malibu Pier before crashing into six parked cars on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Juveniles serving hard time in adult prisons

A young man who spent part of his boyhood in Denver lived with mother addicted to crack and never met his father. It appears that any crimes he was accused of as a juvenile were minor in nature. He ran away from home when he was 16-years old and a short time later ended up in adult prison.

Felony charges against students for alleged sale of a pill

Two University of Colorado students are facing felony drug charges over a purported transaction that involved the sale of a prescription pill for $5. One student allegedly offered the prescription pill to another student, the other student supposedly purchased the pill, and a campus employee claims to have seen the transaction occur.