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March 2013 Archives

Colorado lawmakers considering marijuana rules

After months of intense debate among city councils about whether to opt-in (or opt-out) of retail marijuana sales, the Colorado legislature will begin reviewing recommendations that will eventually turn into regulations that govern such sales.

U.S. Supreme Court places limits on use of drug sniffing dogs

The United States Supreme Court just ruled that police cannot bring drug-sniffing dogs onto one's property without first obtaining a search warrant. Though many have argued that this would not technically be considered a search, there is likely little other reason that law enforcement officers would have the dogs on the property if the dogs were not being used to find illegal contraband.

Colorado proposal for a felony DUI law

The stakes concerning receiving a DUI may be upped if a bill proposing a felony DUI in Colorado is passed. House Bill 1214 would make it a felony for any individual receiving a DUI with two prior DUI convictions in the past seven years.

Lawmaker apologizes for drunk driving arrest

Drunk driving is a common, yet serious crime. A DUI arrest becomes headline news when professional athletes and celebrities are involved, and political scandals in Colorado can arise when high powered politicians are charged with a crime.

False allegations of rape result in serious consequences

Though the study comes out of England, the consequences of false rape allegations are applicable to Colorado residents as well. The study in question found that such false allegations are rare, but the results can be devastating.

Witness in domestic abuse case wrongfully arrested

The case of a Colorado woman demonstrates that administrative mistakes do occur that can lead to the arrest of an innocent individual. The woman in question apparently was a witness to what was called a domestic violence dispute.

Denver's City Council hears testimony on marijuana outlets

The Denver City Council is in the process of gathering information on how to implement Amendment 64, the initiative Colorado voters approved in November to allow recreational use of marijuana. Under the new law, cities have the option of "opting out" and not allowing for-profit dispensaries. In our previous posts, we have mentioned a few municipalities that are uncertain about whether they will include retail outlets.

Colorado motorcyclist accused of traveling 130 miles per hour

It is alleged that a motorcycle rider was traveling at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour before entering into the state of Colorado. A police pursuit of the rider eventually led to the motorcyclist being pulled over north of Fort Collins. However, nobody was injured while the chase allegedly went on, and the motorcyclist was apparently not observed in breaking any Colorado laws.

Drug money laundering alleged by grand jury

A Denver grand jury returned an indictment against three individuals in a case where the laundering of drug money has been alleged. It is claimed that the three individuals arrested deposited just under $10,000 during transactions to purportedly evade reporting laws.

Felony DUI proposal gaining momentum

The drumbeat for a felony DUI law in Colorado is becoming ever stronger. Last week we reported on a proposal (House Bill 1214) making its way through the legislature that would require that a third DUI in the past seven years, or a fourth offense in a lifetime, be charged as a Class 5 felony. The bill is ostensibly born out of growing public sentiment that drunk driving has become so pervasive (due to the absence of a felony DUI law) that motorists' safety has been compromised.

Forum held for individuals wrongfully convicted of crimes

Wrongful accusations of sexual assault harm more than just the individual that is accused. Those accused have family members and friends that can be badly harmed as well.

Colorado bill would increase penalties for DUI and DWAI

Colorado has yet to implement a felony DUI statute, but this may change if a new bill is passed. One Colorado legislator wants to stiffen penalties for so-called repeat DUI offenders, and the bill appears to have popular support.

Repeat DUI offenders could face prison time

Colorado is one of four states without a felony DUI statute. If a Colorado Springs lawmaker has his way, this may change. Representative Mark Waller is sponsoring a bill that would treat a third DUI conviction in seven years (or a fourth DUI in a person's lifetime) as a felony offense that would be punished with three years in state prison.