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Witness in domestic abuse case wrongfully arrested

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The case of a Colorado woman demonstrates that administrative mistakes do occur that can lead to the arrest of an innocent individual. The woman in question apparently was a witness to what was called a domestic violence dispute.

The woman was later asked to testify in the matter. And though she claims to have appeared twice while the trial dates were postponed, her car broke down when she was to make a third appearance and she showed up an hour late.

It was after this that a warrant for the woman allegedly failing to appear at court was issued. Though the woman explained that she did appear and testify in the above matter, she nevertheless was placed under arrest without any bond.

County officials explained that the police officer did nothing wrong in this matter. “If that person has a warrant, police officers have no choice but to act on that demand of the court and arrest that person.”

Though mistakes are sometimes going to occur, having a warrant served upon one and being arrested can completely disrupt an individual’s life. Though this matter was likely cleaned up fairly quickly, unfortunately, wrongful arrests do occur that can remain unresolved for quite some time.

Criminal defense attorneys will represent those accused of crimes to prevent such mistakes from being compounded. It’s difficult for someone wrongfully accused to defend themselves while sitting in a jail cell. And while that person waits, they are losing money, watching their reputation being tarnished, and missing out on the enjoyment of life.

Source: KRDO, “Woman who was wrongly arrested wants answers,” by Rana Novini, March 18, 2013

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