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June 2012 Archives

Officials Targeting Those Boating while Intoxicated

The summer offers many Colorado residents an opportunity to experience the great outdoors. Whether heading out on the water for a day of fishing or simply taking some time to relax, boating can be a great way to spend some time away from the city.

Despite inaccurate test, Colorado driver's DUI sentence remains

Taking away a person's driving privileges might not be as severe as sending him to prison, but the legal consequence is still significant. Most people don't drive so they can just cruise and enjoy the road; they need to get someplace or transport someone to a necessary destination.

Father who killed supposed child molester charged with no crime

Earlier this month, we shared a post about an out-of-state case that was being investigated as a homicide. The case is no longer being investigated, and the father at the center of it escaped criminal charges.

Lab Mistakes Costing Colorado DUI Defendants

Being accused of a DUI can be an extremely confusing time for many people. When police stop motorists, the drivers may be scared and not know what to expect. They trust that the law enforcement officers are following protocol, and will not arrest the drivers unless there is a valid reason to do so.

Colorado mom acquitted of criminal charges after fatal car crash

Life is unpredictable. The sooner a person can learn that lesson the better. We can't always know or plan how things will go. If so, we would all plan to be 100 percent healthy and never cause an accident. In reality, most of us won't escape this life without becoming sick or making a mistake.

Legal medical marijuana doesn't increase risk of pot use among teens

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding drug use, crime and marijuana in particular in this country. The legalization of medical marijuana is a political issue and, therefore, the matter can become all foggy with conflicting points. But a recent study suggests that legal marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and in other states aren't the danger that some anti-marijuana folks might think.

Challenges against DUI blood tests persist, in pursuit of justice

Drunk driving is a serious offense, and Colorado's criminal justice system treats it as such. That reality can be scary when one understands the unreliability of the sobriety tests that the system depends on to charge and convict people of drunk driving in Colorado.

DUI Accident Leads to Severe Penalties for Colorado Woman

Anyone facing a DUI charge knows that the situation is serious. Often, it is the first time that people may have had to deal with the police, and they are unsure what to do next. They do not know what is going to happen, and may try to get their case over as soon as possible.

Should father be charged for punishing alleged child molester?

Sometimes, an incident or criminal law matter comes up that is not directly tied to the state of Colorado but is still worth thinking about. Sex assault on a child is a crime that is taken seriously throughout the country and within the state. But it is up to the criminal justice system to take those matters seriously, not supposed child victims' parents, right?

Colorado law to send 'bath salt' users and traders down the drain

Laws in Colorado must change with the times in order to reflect the changes that occur from year to year. New technologies develop, and new chemicals are thrown together to create a source of a high for people. A new Colorado drug law is now in effect that is a move to combat a new product being used and traded on the market.

DUI Accidents Increasing Fatalities in Colorado?

As we approach the halfway point of the year, law enforcement officials often like to take a look back to see if they can spot any trends that are currently happening throughout the state. If there are certain crimes that seem to be on the rise, changes can be made to increase enforcement or adjust resources accordingly.

Deadly traffic violation leads to stricter law in Colorado

Traffic accidents happen all of the time in Colorado. They can lead to injuries, traffic citations and even more serious criminal allegations against drivers. In the case of a recent hit-and-run in Denver, a fatal accident inspired the creation of a new, harsher traffic law.

False rape claim doesn't end man's NFL dream, part 2

In the last post, we left off with a teenager who was accused of sexual assault years ago and decided to plead no contest to the charge. It wasn't an admission of guilt to plead that way; rather, it was a way to avoid more time in prison should the defendant be found guilty in trial.

False rape claim doesn't end man's NFL dream, part 1

The criminal justice system doesn't always work the way that people think it should. Sometimes, the wrong people are accused of a crime. Sometimes those wrong people are put in jail. But the wrong people can be vindicated with the persistence of advocates for justice who are armed with the truth.

Summer Months Lead to Increase in Teen Drinking and Driving

As the end of the school year approaches, many teens will be making plans for their summer. More and more teens will be behind the wheel, heading to a friend's house, to a summer job or maybe a graduation party. While teens may feel like this is an extremely busy time of the year for their social calendars, law enforcement is also gearing up to aggressively target the number of underage drunk drivers on area roads.