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March 2012 Archives

New technology could up rate of child pornography arrests

Crimes involving children, particularly sex-related crimes, are unsurprisingly taken extremely seriously in Colorado and throughout the United States. With the rise of the Internet, authorities have had to put a lot of effort into tracking child pornography and identifying suspects whom they believe are responsible for the trafficking of child pornography or guilty of possessing such illegal content.

Big accident isn't necessary to be charged with reckless driving

"It's the little things in life." We have all heard the saying before. It's the little things that can add up to make us happy, or it's the little things that can add up to make us unhappy. And in the case of the law, it can be just a little thing that can lead to a criminal charge in Colorado.

Rules against drinking spreading through MLB clubhouses

For most sports fans, being on a professional sports team is only a childhood fantasy that is never realized. It's easy to only see the fame, glamour, travel and money that come with the life of a star MLB player, but there are drawbacks to the job as well.

Will Colorado treat some drug charges with more understanding?

"You can overcome addiction, but you can never overcome a felony," says the executive director of the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition. This argument stems from a legislative proposal that met the state Senate this week.

Luck of the Irish might not save Colorado drivers from DUIs

On St. Patrick's Day, everyone feels a little Irish, and for many that means a party. With St. Patrick's Day taking place and further festivities continuing through the weekend, it's expected that even higher than normal levels of intoxicated drivers will be on Colorado roads. Police know this, and they are ready to watch for those whom they believe are guilty of a DUI. We all hear stories about wild St. Patty's antics. Some people partake in a couple extra green beers and a little extra corned beef and cabbage, even when it's something they normally wouldn't do. And if people aren't careful, they can find themselves facing a DUI or being involved in an accident.

Colorado pitcher faces threat of extreme DUI charge in Arizona

An accusation of committing a DUI is enough to entirely shock and scare a person. In one moment, someone is having what he thinks is a safe number of drinks with friends. In the next moment, he is standing on the side of the road with a police officer, blowing into a Breathalyzer machine, handcuffed and taken into custody.

Jury acquits Cox of sexual assault due to lack of important evidence

We've been tracking the Colorado sexual assault case against former Denver Bronco Perrish Cox for some time now, and the high-profile case has finally come to its end. In the most recent update about this case, we noted that a witness for the prosecution shared a supposed detail about the September night when the rape allegedly happened. He claimed that Cox had picked the victim up over his shoulders and announced that she "was ready" before taking her into his room -- where the sexual assault allegedly occurred

Marijuana DUI bill moves one step closer to Colorado law

Thank goodness that there are various levels of government and voting in order for a legislative proposal to become law. While a controversial bill regarding driving under the influence of marijuana passed through the Senate panel last week, it still has some rounds to go in order to be enacted.

Walgreens joins efforts against Colorado drug crimes

Drug crimes have changed compared to in the past. It's not always illegal substances such as marijuana and cocaine that are at the center of a possession or trafficking case. With the rise in prescription drug use in recent decades, there's been a rise in drug crimes related to prescription drugs.