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Big accident isn’t necessary to be charged with reckless driving

| Mar 26, 2012 | Traffic Violations

“It’s the little things in life.” We have all heard the saying before. It’s the little things that can add up to make us happy, or it’s the little things that can add up to make us unhappy. And in the case of the law, it can be just a little thing that can lead to a criminal charge in Colorado.

Last weekend, it didn’t take anything big for a driver to be charged with reckless driving. It took a moment of road rage that led to no injuries for the driver to be cited following an incident with a bicyclist. The bicyclist was also charged with a crime for his role in the meeting that escalated between him and the reported impatient driver.

The Denver Channel reports that the driver got impatient with the bicyclist while he sat stopped at a red light. When the driver honked her horn at the rider, he reportedly became frustrated and approached the vehicle. The cyclist wound up being arrested for criminal mischief and harassment due to allegedly kicking the driver’s car. From that point, the driver reportedly says that she “bumped” her vehicle into the bike. By admitting that, the driver has been cited for reckless driving.

A reckless driving citation might not sound like a big deal, but do you think that having a driver’s license is a big deal? The little things add up, and that is definitely true with regards to Colorado’s points system. Traffic citations add up to a certain number of points on a person’s license, and if that number gets high enough over a 12-month period, a person will lose their driver’s license.

The threat of losing one’s license is a reason why it is often worthwhile to challenge a traffic ticket with the help of an attorney. You might not just be fighting against this one ticket. You could be fighting for your right to drive.

Source: The Denver Channel, “Cyclist Vs. Driver Confrontation Leads To Arrest, Citation,” Kim Nguyen, March 26, 2012


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