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Colorado father misses child’s birth for traffic violation

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2011 | Traffic Violations |

“It’s something they took away from us that we can never get back,” says a father who wishes he could have been there when his most recent child was born in a Denver hospital. Why wasn’t he there? According to reports, the father was pulled over for speeding while on the way to the hospital. He couldn’t get out of custody in time to be by his wife’s side during the delivery.

Speed is the key in this case. In fact, the child came into the world with such speed that the mother reportedly delivered her daughter in the ambulance. Perhaps speed runs in the blood, as both the child and the father were in a hurry that day.

Colorado news sources report that the father and his wife were rushing to the hospital because of her labor when police pulled the car over. An officer claims that the driver was driving about 100 mph before authorities intervened. He has been charged with speeding and reckless driving.

Both the driver and his wife, now happy parents to their eighth child, are disappointed and upset that the police weren’t more forgiving regarding the emergency circumstances. Sources report that the driver plans on fighting the reckless driving charge.

Police stand behind the action taken against the driver. They argue that the driver was putting his family at risk by exceeding the speed limit that day. His wife was better off riding in the ambulance if the situation were so urgent. An officer suggests that if they hadn’t stopped the father from driving, an accident could have taken place, injuring the family and others on the road.

The family, however, is still sad that their new daughter’s entrance into the world wasn’t witnessed by her loving father. He was simply trying to get his family to the hospital so she and her mother could get the medical care they needed.

What do you think of this case? Should the father’s traffic violation have been forgiven, or did police do the right thing?


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