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February 2011 Archives

Colorado driver says missing sign led to unfair traffic ticket

When driving, either in or outside of the city, do you always know the speed limit? Think about a time when you've seen a police officer on the side of the road. Did you slow down because you were certain you were speeding? Did you slow down just in case because you didn't know and frantically look for a posted limit on the side of the road to ease your anxiety?

Katie's Law "meets expectations," but does it violate rights?

In previous posts, we have discussed the state's implementation of a new law, Katie's Law. The new legislation is named after a murder victim and seeks to identify suspects in Colorado criminal cases. While the law has been backed by many in the state who see it as a way to serve justice, the challengers of Katie's Law continue to question the ethics behind the measure.

Colorado medical marijuana proposal disappoints some

Some Colorado medical marijuana patients, caregivers and dispensaries who were hoping for drastic industry-friendly changes from House Bill 1043 are likely somewhat disappointed. It was just a proposal, meaning it was vulnerable to necessary negotiations that needed to be made in order for it to go forward.

Colorado DUI might get even more expensive

A drunk driving charge might soon get more expensive in the state. Colorado legislators are considering a measure that would allow the victims of Colorado DUI accidents and their families to recover more money from drunk drivers found guilty of the already costly crime.Senate Bill 107 would remove a state cap on the damages that drunk drivers would be forced to pay following an accident. The cap is currently set at about $462,000, since a cap was established back in 1986.

Mom charged with sex assault on child unable to visit her kids

On Jan. 28, we published a post about a current Colorado case involving a high school educator and a student from her place of work. Police report that they found the 31-year-old woman with a 16-year-old student in a car, both of them naked, and she had allegedly provided him alcohol. She faces the following charges:

Colorado school calls student's prescribed use of THC 'possession'

As a parent, it's never easy to see your child struggling with illness or pain. You want to be able to fix it so your son or daughter can live a relatively normal and healthy life. For one Colorado family, the only way their teen can live such a life is with the help of medical marijuana.

Social worker testifies in Denver child abuse case

"They acted like they were having fun together," said a Denver social worker while taking the stand this week. She's involved in the Colorado domestic violence case involving an adoptive father and his 13-year-old adopted son. The Gazette reported on the testimony that could work in favor of the defendant's case.

Man charged with unique Colorado traffic violation

When we are pulled over by a police officer, we generally assume that the officer is, in fact, a legit law enforcement officer. A recent story from The Gazette makes us second guess that perhaps dangerous assumption. A Colorado soldier was arrested and charged with a rarer traffic violation compared to the standard cases of speeding or running a stop sign.