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November 2010 Archives

DEA: "Fake Pot" to Be Treated as Real Pot in Eyes of Drug Laws

That incense your child has been burning over the past year might have more to it than what meets the eye. There has been a new product on the market recently that's been sold as "herbal incense," but the product has been used by some consumers as more of a drug rather than as a fragrant home product.

Federal Drug Crime Sentencing Guidelines Changed This Month

The way Colorado defendants charged with federal drug crimes are sentenced is changing. Last summer, Congress passed the Fair Sentencing Act into law. The act's primary purpose was to equalize punishment for crimes involving of crack cocaine with crimes involving powder cocaine. Congress gave the U.S. Sentencing Commission 5 years to implement new guidelines in accordance with the act. This month, the U.S. Sentencing Commission issued temporary guidelines to implement the Fair Sentencing Act. The temporary changes may become permanent when the commission meets next May.

Increased DUI Enforcement Over the Holidays

Each year, over 30,000 people in Colorado are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. With each holiday, we see a spike in DUI arrests. Thanksgiving may not be the first holiday people associate with DUI, but it is one of the busiest holidays of the year in DUI terms. With Thanksgiving around the corner, the state of Colorado is planning a crackdown on DUI and traffic violations enforcement.

Crime Labs Must Improve to Support Sex Assault and Other Cases

With the intense popularity of the "Law and Order" series, we have all seen it. We have seen how the detectives wait for and rely upon crime lab employees' findings in order to move forward with a sexual assault, homicide or other type of case. While some of the drama of the TV program is unrealistic, the importance of crime lab tests is not a dramatization.

Is New "App" a Trap? Phones Track Sex Offenders

Yes, sex crimes are serious, and the public has a right to protect itself from such violations. But when does protection cross the line and violate the rights of offenders who are trying to rebuild their lives after a sex assault conviction?

Denver Broncos Team Captain Arrested for Drunk Driving

Charges of driving under the influence can have serious consequences for anyone, but DUI charges can impact professional athletes in a unique way. Not only do these individuals face the same criminal consequences as everyone else, they can also face sanctions by their team and the sports league.

Defense: Insanity Led to Smart's Abduction and Rape

The previous post covered the defense's recent failed attempt to have the Elizabeth Smart abduction and sexual assault case moved out of Utah. A Denver court of appeals rejected the request, and the trial therefore has resumed in Utah. Yesterday marked the second day in which Smart testified before the court and told her story.

Denver Court Rejects Request to Relocate Smart Abduction Trial

Elizabeth Smart. It's a name that most Americans who keep up with current events recognize. At the age of 14, Smart was taken from her home and kept in captivity by a couple for about nine months. The man allegedly responsible for the abduction and sex assault on a child, Brian David Mitchell, now faces criminal charges in a Utah court.

Colorado Homicide Proving Difficult to Solve

Over this past summer, we included posts about a Colorado couple who was suspected to be responsible for a young girl's homicide. Based on reports, the girl died after suffering child abuse on the part of her father, his girlfriend or both. Investigation into the case began after workers arrived at the couple's former townhouse in order to work some maintenance and found the girl's body buried beneath the home, as if someone was trying to hide her.

Change in Denver Marijuana Laws

Last week, the Denver City Council made a change to medical marijuana laws that everyone should know about. Laws regarding marijuana use in Colorado are in a state of flux, so in order to avoid facing drug charges residents must stay up-to-date on current events. The newest change to the medical marijuana laws limits how many plants that someone can grow in a residential location.