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Is Domestic Violence the new Sex Assault?

Sex Assault is a crime in Colorado that can often times lead to lifelong supervision and stigma. If the new regulations being proposed for Domestic Violence treatment and supervision are passed, Sex Assault will have company. As the law stands right now, anyone convicted of any type of domestic violence will be required to complete thirty-six weeks of domestic violence classes. This is an arduous process, but it is nothing compared to what happen to some individuals if the new guidelines become law.

What is being proposed is a three track system, low, medium and high. It is anticipated that most people will fall in the medium range, but as anyone who has been on probation before will tell you, getting off early is no easy task when it is left up to the probation department. Thus, many people may find themselves put on the high track or even kept on the low or medium tracks longer than expected. There will be no minimum/maximum level of treatment on any track. The treatment team will determine how someone is progressing through their assigned track and when they can advance through the steps necessary to complete treatment. For anyone familiar with sex offender treatment, this is eerily similar. Many find themselves unable to advance through stages in sex offender treatment due to arbitrary requirements set by treatment providers. This is the worry that would be in the mind of anyone charged with a domestic violence crime if these new guidelines become law.

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