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Sex crime charges out of Colorado Air Force Academy draw spotlight

The matter of sex crimes in the military has attracted attention up the chain of command all the way to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. In Colorado, several recent reported sexual assaults at the Air Force Academy resulted in three cadets being charged with abusive sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault and rape. All suspects have criminal defense attorney protection to preserve their rights to innocence until proven guilty and to obtain a fair trial. Secretary Panetta says there were almost 3,200 sexual assaults reported last year in all the military, but that the actual number runs much higher, closer to 19,000. Few victims are willing to make the report of a crime, and some do not even understand that they have experienced a sexual assault because it was never clearly defined. Sex crimes in the military are nothing new, but are greatly underreported, due to conflicts of interest, fear of retaliation and fear of making the report.

Sealing Your Record

As more and more people continue to search for new jobs in this strained economy the need to get that old criminal charge removed from your record becomes extremely important. We are frequently asked by our clients, "there is an old charge on my record from 10 years ago. Doesn't that fall off my record after such a long time?" Sadly the answer is "no." Unfortunately most people don't think to start asking about sealing/expunging their records until they have already been turned down for a job.Plan for your sealing your record. Sealing your record successfully will not be accomplished overnight. The largest hurdle to most record sealing is that Colorado law requires a record sealing request to be scheduled for a hearing. Every court is different and each court may have different timetables. Some courts may get a hearing scheduled for you right away while other courts may set a hearing much further out. Ultimately if you are thinking about sealing your record make sure that you plan it out so you are not feeling overwhelmed as your next job interview approaches. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your record has been completely sealed and apply for that next job in complete confidence. Contact one of our attorneys today, we are here to help.