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Drug Possession Archives

Has legalizing pot in Colorado spawned an uptick in crime?

Individuals and groups across the country that are opposed to marijuana legalization repeatedly voice a similar refrain when they address the relaxed legal regimes operative in an ever-growing number of states.

Why a broad-based camp supports Colorado drug-possession reform

We noted in our immediately preceding Shazam Kianpour & Associates blog post that there is a viewpoint in Colorado that resists downgrading some drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors.

What group comprises the primary target in criminal drug probes?

Here’s an answer hint to today’s above-posed blog headline query: It’s not the top-end principals in drug cartels or other highly placed figures of organized crime.

Denver to “deprioritize” criminal penalties re psilocybin mushrooms

A Denver advocacy group states that the health and healing benefits are so clear and long-established that “one arrest is too many for something with such low and manageable risks.”

CO program aims to materially curb offender recidivism rates

Colorado criminal law analysts and commentators know just as well as their peers across the country what approaches work and what strategies are failing in the justice system.