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Court: Pot-sniffing dog not enough to conduct car search

Thanks to Amendment 64, Coloradans over the age of 21 can now possess one ounce of less or marijuana for personal use without having to fear criminal prosecution under Colorado law. Unfortunately, though, drug-sniffing dogs may not have received this memo -- meaning many may have to be retrained, particularly in light of a recent court opinion.

Hit and Run Charges climb in Colorado

The Denver Post reports that the Denver area has numerous unsolved hit and run accidents and that the frequency is only increasing. A hit and run accident usually involves one of the drivers leaving the scene of the accident without contacting authorities or exchanging information with the other person involved in the accident.

You mean nobody HAS EVER ACCUSED YOU and been wrong before?

As a Colorado criminal defense attorneys we are often called upon to defend people who are accused of some of the most terrible crimes. Inevitably people will ask us, 'How can you defend someone accused of such a crime?!'Accused. It is a word whose meaning is overlooked everyday.


While reporting criminal news on pro-athletes today has become a bit of a niche industry, the comical and quasi-dramatic way in which it is done not only undermines the true nature of the criminal process, it also seems to somehow make a mockery out of it. Colorado criminal courts, which unfortunately seem to thrive on national attention from mass shootings, sex assault, and domestic violence assaults (allegedly) are no different.

Two arrested for alleged Denver area burglaries

Police followed a car last week and arrested the two people inside, who were later charged with burglary. Authorities say that the arrests were the result of an extensive investigation. This investigation reportedly led the police to arrest the two as they were pulling their car into a neighborhood, which police accuse the two of being the next area they would steal from, although it is unclear why police thought this.