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Criminal Defense Archives

Will this SCOTUS case expand Americans' privacy rights?

An admitted robber gave the FBI cellphone numbers of alleged accomplices. Agents used a "reasonable grounds" standard to obtain so-called "cell-site" evidence from a mobile service provider that tracked the locations of one of those individuals. That data yielded information resulting in his criminal conviction.

Judge slams prosecution for withholding evidence from defense

It's been a bedrock legal principle and undisturbed judicial ruling issued at the highest level for well more than half a century, and yet news stories emerge with some regularity evidencing prosecutorial misconduct aimed at avoiding its application.

National racial profiling case spotlights concept of expungement

It was a pretty big deal last month. If the news somehow escaped your scrutiny, you could be acquainted with the details later this month in the event you find your local Starbucks temporarily closed for company training on a sensitive topic.

Court: Pot-sniffing dog not enough to conduct car search

Thanks to Amendment 64, Coloradans over the age of 21 can now possess one ounce of less or marijuana for personal use without having to fear criminal prosecution under Colorado law. Unfortunately, though, drug-sniffing dogs may not have received this memo -- meaning many may have to be retrained, particularly in light of a recent court opinion.

Hit and Run Charges climb in Colorado

The Denver Post reports that the Denver area has numerous unsolved hit and run accidents and that the frequency is only increasing. A hit and run accident usually involves one of the drivers leaving the scene of the accident without contacting authorities or exchanging information with the other person involved in the accident.