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Timely focus: COVID-19 mandates and criminal charging

Our Shazam Kianpour & Associates criminal defense blog is perhaps one of the longest tenured blogs in Colorado. The firm has been diligently striving for well more than a decade to keep our valued and diverse readership timely informed on engaging and personally meaningful topics and stories.

Should juvenile-vs-adult charges feature a precise age threshold?

A recent Colorado media article stresses one state legislator's desire to materially flip the criminal charging equation for one specific group of individuals.

Denver's City Council spotlighted nationally in private prison vote

The atmosphere prior to the final vote casting on one specific matter before the Denver City Council last Monday was tense. Council president Jolon Clark made a pre-tally statement that subject matter deliberations were "tearing all of us apart."

Will this NY lawsuit yield similar litigation in CO, nationally?

A nonprofit group recently released a criminal law-focused report that is attracting considerable attention nationally. An article by The Marshall Project focusing upon that study notes that states across the country are "evenly split" on how they view and treat its subject matter.

Not always partisan: What do most CO lawmakers agree on?

Here's a workable definition for the expression "fool's errand:" locking people up in prison or releasing them from incarceration without attendant rehabilitation programs to assist them.