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Are your Facebook messages actually private?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

If you make a post on someone else’s Facebook wall, you probably assume that everyone can read it. The message may only be intended for that individual, but it’s still a public post. You’re not saying anything secret.

When you send a private message, however, you likely think of this as a confidential conversation between you and the other party. No one else is reading those messages. But is this actually true?

Facebook has access to all of the data

The important thing to remember is that Facebook is a site that people are allowed to use when they create profiles, but they do not own it. As such, the company itself has access to all of the data. Even if you send information as a private message, Facebook can still access it. You do not have any ownership over the site, despite your name being attached to the messages.

Most of the time, Facebook doesn’t do anything with this information or access. But there are situations in which it becomes important. For example, if you’re facing criminal charges, you should know that the authorities can serve Facebook with a warrant. Facebook will then turn over the information that has been requested, which could include the contents of your private messages. As such, you want to be very careful with what you write in those messages.

Your defense options

It is important to understand warrants, how police officers gather evidence and what legal rights you have. Carefully take the time to look into your criminal defense options if you’re facing serious charges.