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Internet sex crimes are serious in Colorado

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Internet Sex Crimes |

Understanding the severity of these internet-based sex crime offenses is crucial for anyone who regularly uses the internet for various communications. This is especially crucial when it comes to internet sexual exploitation of children, classified as a Class 4 felony under § 18-3-405.4 CRS.

The designation of this crime as a serious felony underscores the gravity of the crime. Meaning, those who have been accused of such conduct need to treat the task of mounting a strong defense with the seriousness of purpose that the situation requires.

Understanding the legal landscape

To comprehend the implications of internet sex crimes, it can help to delve into the legal nuances outlined in § 18-3-405.4 CRS. This statute outlines the elements and criteria that constitute internet sexual exploitation of a child. Internet sexual exploitation involves various elements, including but not limited to:

  • Creation or distribution of explicit material: Perpetrators may face charges if they create, distribute or possess explicit material involving a minor.
  • Inducing a minor: Acts that induce a minor to participate in explicit activities online fall under the purview of internet sexual exploitation.
  • Online communication: Any form of online communication with the intent to exploit a child sexually can be a punishable offense.

The classification of internet sexual exploitation of a child as a Class 4 felony has significant implications for those found guilty. Conviction can result in serious penalties, including life imprisonment.

While the internet has revolutionized human connection, it has also made being charged with an sex crime more prevalent than ever before. Suppose you or someone you know gets charged with internet sexual exploitation of a child; enlisting legal counsel right away can help you to build a strong defense.