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Parents, do your teens know how to handle a DUI traffic stop?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Adults are not the only ones who get pulled over by law enforcement on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). You may know what to do and how to protect your rights during a DUI stop, but do the teen drivers in your family have this knowledge?

As you know, a DUI conviction can prevent youths from entering adulthood on solid ground. It may pose challenges getting into a good college or finding a job. Knowing what to do during a traffic stop can help them feel more confident and may prevent a conviction.

Inform them of their rights

Ensure your teenager knows they have rights as an American citizen, even when dealing with law enforcement. Tell them they do not have to answer police questions, including ones about alcohol or drug use. They should also avoid making recorded or written statements.

For ideal protection, encourage them to politely state their name, give the officers their license and proof of insurance, and then say no more. Exercising the right to remain silent can help your teen avoid saying something that may worsen the issue or incriminate them.

Urge them to pay attention

The police have rules and regulations they must follow when conducting a DUI traffic stop. For example, they must avoid unreasonable search and seizure operations, even when pulling someone over on suspicion of drunk driving.

Teach your kids to watch what the police do and say, as it may be useful in creating a defense. Exploiting rights violations and improper police procedures can be an effective way to avoid a teen DUI conviction, especially with legal guidance.