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How the right help makes a difference in a white collar case

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2023 | Theft and Economic Crimes |

Those facing criminal charges over financial offenses often feel overwhelmed when thinking about the future. They may worry about the possible penalties that the courts could impose and also how they can respond to the pending charges. 

Some scenarios require far more assistance and expertise than others. Anyone accused of a financial crime, like fraud or embezzlement, will likely need help when developing a criminal defense strategy. White-collar criminal charges are often some of the most complex cases that the courts hear. They can be years of financial records used to help build the prosecution’s case. 

A defendant facing white-collar criminal charges may need specialized support. 

Forensic accountants can help analyze the evidence

When there are huge stacks of financial paperwork contributing to the state’s case, the defendant likely cannot thoroughly and accurately review that paperwork on their own. Bringing in expert assistance can make all the difference. 

In addition to a criminal defense attorney familiar with complex financial crimes, they may require the support of a specialized accountant. Forensic accountants have training and experience in the review of complex financial records, making them valuable assets while preparing a defense strategy. 

They can potentially uncover proof that the defendant had no direct involvement in an embezzlement scheme or establish that what initially appeared to be money laundering was actually just a series of unusual transactions. The state will likely perform its own analysis, which makes a very thorough review of financial evidence critical for those intending to defend against pending white collar criminal charges. 

Connecting with the right help while preparing a defense strategy will make all the difference for those accused of financial crimes.