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Can you outsmart a police breath test?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Blood Alcohol Tests |

Chances are you’ve stumbled upon online articles or videos that claim to offer ingenious ways to beat a breathalyzer test when you’ve had a few too many drinks. Firstly, you don’t want to set out thinking you can drink and drive, as breath test or not, it’s incredibly dangerous. Secondly, if you do make a mistake and drink more than you intended those tricks are not going to save you if the police stop you.

Police officers have seen it all before. They’ll quickly catch on if you attempt to distract them and cheat the test by not blowing into the straw properly or getting your friend to blow into it for you. As for things such as sucking on a penny or rinsing with mouthwash beforehand, they are pointless as they will not affect the alcohol in your bloodstream.

Is there any hope if I fail a breathalyzer test?

If the police breathalyzer says you are over the limit, you have every right to contest the results. While these devices are pretty accurate when well maintained, they are not infallible.

They require regular recalibration and a lack of records to show this took place could cast sufficient doubt on your readings to beat your charges.

They also need to be used properly, so if you can show the police administered the test incorrectly, you may again be able to beat the charges.

Finally, even if you cannot challenge the validity of the breathalyzer reading, you may be able to challenge the charge if you can show the police strayed from standard procedure during the stop and arrest.

Don’t waste your time trying to beat a drunk driving charge when the police stop you. Instead, seek legal help to challenge any resultant charge.