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Bronco linebacker detained after not making a court appearance

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Traffic Violations |

People often assume that they only need to pay a ticket when cited for traffic infractions. This is not true. Broncos outside linebacker Bradley Chubb found out as much due to a failure to appear warrant. The warrant was issued after Chubb did not appear for his August 6 court date in Arapahoe County. The traffic infractions were driving with plates expired for 60-plus days and driving under restraint this summer (his license was revoked or suspended for reasons other than alcohol). Both are misdemeanors.

The 2020 Pro Bowl player was taken into custody and detained by the Douglas County sheriff’s office for a small traffic violation and the warrant mentioned above. Chubb subsequently posted a small bond and likely returned his focus to the September 12 opener with the New York Giants. There is no word on whether the Broncos or the NFL home office will levy additional fines, which they often do for more severe infractions.

Chubb subsequently released a statement on Twitter: “Regarding yesterday: It was an outstanding traffic issue I thought was already resolved after paying the ticket several months ago. Regardless of the circumstances, I take responsibility and it won’t happen again.”

Minor infractions can become major headaches

Bradley Chubb’s mistake made both the local and national sporting news, and it again highlights the necessity of taking all traffic citations seriously. The penalties have a way of stacking up, particularly if the driver does not appear in court. This is why it is often helpful to hire an attorney to address the matter and understand all the consequences.