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Rolling campaigns: a new Colorado DUI enforcement initiative

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Drunk Driving Charges |

From one hoop to the next.

That imagery likely works just fine for Colorado motorists well accustomed to successive drunk driving crackdowns administered by the state’s Department of Transportation.

Those operations are deep-pocketed, amply resourced and carried out intermittently across each year with a starkly narrow focus.

That is this: to arrest and criminally convict as many Colorado residents as possible of drunk driving charges.

As noted in a recent Shazam Kianpour & Associates blog post, that aim was decidedly accomplished in last month’s so-called “Summer Blitz” campaign. The final arrest numbers on that statewide enforcement effort have yet to be calculated, but, as we noted in our June 14 entry, the 2020 Blitz “reportedly netted a whopping 407 drivers.”

It’s not complicated, warn officials in a directive they recurrently issued to motorists spanning the state:  Don’t pull the keys out of your pocket and start your engine even if you have consumed just a scant amount of alcohol.

In fact, law enforcers are so insistent on the simplicity element of their don’t-drive message that they immediately followed up the recently concluded 2021 Blitz campaign with a new initiative formally termed “It’s Not Complicated.”

And they literally drove home its point from July 2-5 with heightened saturation patrols spanning the state. Those enforcement tools were augmented by sobriety checkpoints and a generally beefed-up police presence across Colorado.

The final tally on DUI arrest/conviction numbers will doubtlessly be impressively high. And it will reinforce the point that Colorado’s drunk driving laws are stringent and uncompromising.

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