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January ushers in new series of Colorado DUI enforcement campaigns

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Drunk Driving Charges |

If you’re an enterprising and numbers-oriented Colorado resident seeking gainful employment, the state’s Department of Transportation might be just the place for you.

In fact, it looks to be employment heaven for statisticians and data analysts who can crunch numbers and extrapolate them in ways that add contextual perspective.

One especially data-happy place unquestionably seems to be the CDOT work realm that culls and analyzes information relevant to drunk driving stops, arrests and convictions. One need look no further for evidence of state regulators’ unstinting focus on Colorado DUI enforcement than the ongoing campaign rollouts of so-called and successive “Heat Is On” periods.

We suspect that regular readers of this blog as well as Colorado motorists generally know well what those are all about.

And they should, given that state enforcers engage in a whopping 16 Heat campaigns each year. Readers might want to note that authorities are conducting a program right now. Winter Blitz kicked off on January 15 and will run through January 25.

Back to those statisticians. Here are some relevant data bits they have introduced germane to Colorado’s Heat campaigns:

  • Nearly 600 arrests made statewide during the 2020 Winter Blitz crackdown
  • 167 drivers arrested during a briefly conducted New Year’s Eve impaired-driving period
  • Amped-up saturation patrols and increased employment of sobriety checkpoints
  • Stunning 6,157 DUI arrests made during last year’s 16 enforcement periods (extrapolated, that total spells 500-plus arrests made on average every single month during 2020)

The central takeaway regarding Colorado’s Heat Is On campaigns is this: They never cease, and their recurrent nature underscores that heightened enforcement scrutiny always attaches to state drivers.

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