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Issuance of a restraining order merits close attention

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Crimes of Violence |

We note at the established Denver criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associate that, “A restraining order is frustrating, but violating it is not the solution.”

In fact, challenging a restraining order in any fashion without close input from proven legal counsel can be a recipe for disaster.

Consider this: Restraining orders (sometimes termed orders of protection or mandatory protection orders) are often issued quickly and often automatically by Colorado courts. A presumption favoring an alleged victim can easily attach, with required proofs for issuance sometimes being arguably sketchy.

If you are on the receiving end of one of Colorado’s varied restraining orders, absolute compliance must be foremost on your mind. We stress on our website that “you must follow [the order] to the letter or you will be arrested and criminally charged for the violation.”

Acting rashly and out of anger will flatly backfire and bring stark legal repercussions. A defense against a restraining order is far better advanced via diligent representation from a knowledgeable and aggressive legal team.

How can a Colorado restraining order be challenged?

A key point to note about fighting an order of protection is that an accused’s act of merely retaining legal counsel can comprise persuasive and powerful behavior.

And that can be enhanced by advocacy from a law firm with a demonstrated record of performance on behalf of clients resisting such orders.

Experienced attorneys will thoroughly probe an accuser’s tale and vet the prosecution’s case, searching for mitigating evidence or information that might even completely clear a client. Was a story twisted and factually incorrect? Did the alleged victim have a bad-faith motive for seeking a restraining order?

Any accused person who believes such an order was unfairly issued should do two things.

First, adhere precisely to its requirements,

And second, timely contact an experienced and empathetic legal team for candid guidance and diligent representation.