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Fireworks, holiday celebrations and … a spike in DUI arrests

| Jun 29, 2020 | Drunk Driving Charges

Legions of Coloradans have likely scanned a calendar recently and concluded that the Fourth of July holiday this year lays out just about perfectly.

That is, it’s this upcoming Saturday, which means it will spell time off for most residents on Friday.

That equates to an extended 3-day weekend for most people, which is not routinely the case. Given the added time off, the inviting weather and the simple chance to unwind, what’s not to love about that?

That combination of factors virtually ensures that many individuals and families will seek major time outdoors. Colorado roadways will unquestionably see a spike in traffic volume.

And an enhanced police presence as well, in what one state media source terms a material “summer blitz enforcement period.”

The focus of that initiative – which is annual and actually occurs several times each year – is always the same, and it is obvious. Over the impending weekend, Colorado police officers and state troopers spanning the state will be on an especially close lookout for drunk drivers.

And if you’re driving inebriated, there’s a good chance they’ll catch you. They arrested about 300 motorists on DUI charges during last year’s “The Heat Is On” enforcement campaign.

The severity linked with a Colorado drunk driving arrest merits noting here. As the above article stresses, even a first-time conviction can yield penalties “that include fines of up to $13,000 and possibly losing your license.” Many detained drivers spend time in jail. Some repeat offenders are slapped with serious prison time.

The Fourth of July holiday period understandably ranks high for fun. Colorado motorists might want to reasonably temper the annual excitement, though, with due appreciation for the adverse consequences that drinking and driving can bring.

Questions or concerns regarding a DUI encounter with law enforcers can be directed to a proven criminal defense legal team.


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