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Why should justice system handle a juvenile offender differently?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Underage Drinking and Driving |

The attorneys comprising the deep legal team at the long-established Denver criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates think that the answer to the above-posed blog headline query is simple.

Moreover, it’s evident from the post title itself.

To wit: because they’re juveniles.

Maybe it takes a parent to quickly and fully grasp why spotlighting that designation is flatly key in almost any matter involving an adolescent’s involvement with criminal authorities and the justice system. People without kids might be inclined to view juveniles as simply fledgling adults, with no material differentiation required. Pull a gun out and wave it in a store at age 37 or 16: what’s the difference?

Proven defense attorneys who routinely work with young offenders below the so-called age of majority that legally signifies adulthood know from vast experience that there is often a world of difference.

After all, kids are rapidly evolving beings. Adults who know children well – most of us, frankly; we were all once adolescents too, right? – know that young people often act impulsively and rashly.

In other words, they act out without properly considering the consequences. Their behavior sometimes lacks judgment at moments when the exercise of judgment matters a great deal. A young teen might send a so-called sexting image to a third party without ever considering its potential harm or legality. Underage partiers sometime drink alcohol and end up facing DUI charges. A shoplifting offense can turn into a major headache for a minor.

People sometimes debate whether punishment or rehabilitation should be the primary emphasis in most criminal matters involving underage offenders.

Experienced defense attorneys know that the latter outcome is optimally favorable in most cases. Unlawful juvenile conduct is often committed without wrongful intent, and most young people learn from their mistakes and merit a second chance rather than a notably cold response from the justice system.

Questions or concerns regarding a juvenile arrest or criminal charge in Colorado can be directed to attorneys at an experienced Denver criminal defense firm.


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