Over 10,000 Criminal Cases Handled in the Denver Area

What have Colorado police been busy doing this summer?

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The above blog post headline query could reasonably be posed every year just about this time.

And the same response could be noted on each occasion.

To wit: Law enforcers across Colorado have been busily engaged over the past few months in arresting and charging alleged drunk drivers. DUI offenses have — as is customarily the case during the May – September time frame — led to thousands of criminal convictions for drivers spanning the state.

Here’s an eye-opening data bit to underscore just how common police stops relevant to behind-the-wheel inebriation are in Colorado during the summer. Reportedly, 2,999 DUI arrests have been made from summer’s onset through September 16 (the date of a media report noting a recently updated count).

And summer was not yet over by that cited date. Actually, autumn formally commences today.

Whatever the exact summer-linked statewide DUI tally turns out to be, it will certainly be north of 3,000 adverse police encounters for stopped motorists.

Colorado drivers should note this, as stressed in the above-cited article: Owing to the high number of summertime DUI charges, police agencies across the state “will continue to crackdown as they launch another campaign.” That initiative commenced on September 13 and is slated to run through October 21.

State drivers facing DUI charges routinely confront an uncompromising legal system geared toward securing maximum criminal penalties from offenders. Heavy fines are a given, as are spiked insurance costs. Jail time, too, is a frequent occurrence, along with myriad other exactions.

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