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Is a beefed-up ban soon coming re behind-the-wheel cellphone use?

| Jan 29, 2019 | Traffic Violations

We note on our criminal defense website at Shazam Kianpour & Associates the often mistaken assumption that a ticketed traffic offense is largely an irritant/inconvenience and nothing more.

In fact, the blowback from a ticket can be far more severe and lasting than what legions of Colorado motorists typically think is the case. We note on our site, for example, that a charged offense can yield “hundreds and thousands of dollars in increased insurance costs.” It can up the odds of a motorist becoming a police target when behind the wheel. When tacked on to other offenses, it can “change your life even more dramatically.”

A point relevant to that underscores why it merits paying attention to any proposed or enacted traffic regulation in Colorado that places an increased onus upon drivers and mandates a penalty higher than what previously existed.

Consider behind-the-wheel cellphone use, for instance. A recent Denver Post article notes a current legislative push to widen the existing prohibition on phone use while driving. For some years now, the total-ban mandate has applied to only drivers under the age of 18. A would-be law now being debated in the Colorado General Assembly would extend the ban to every driver in the state. Limited use in emergencies would still be permissible, as would be communication via hands-free devices.

The proposed penalty for breaking the law is unquestionably stringent and would yield an especially harsh outcome on financially challenged individuals and families. A first offense would bring a $300 fine. A second ticket would up the ante to $500.

Questions or concerns regarding behind-the-wheel cellphone use/laws or any other matter tied to traffic violations can be directed to a proven Denver criminal defense legal team.


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