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Halloween period brings amped-up police presence on Colorado roads

| Oct 29, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges

Varied meteorology reports for this week converge closely in their view that Denver and surrounding environs will be A-OK for trick-or-treaters on Halloween this Wednesday. Weather pundits are calling for highs in the 50s and clear skies. That should be a prime catalyst to help ensure big candy hauls for the youngsters.

It’s likely that state law enforcers have also checked the weather for that evening, ruing that optimal goody-grabbing conditions are being forecast rather than something a bit more adverse to keep the kids at home.

Here’s why: Federal safety estimates posit that Halloween evening is one of the most dangerous nights of the year across the country from a traffic-accident perspective.

And that owes to inebriated drivers, say officials. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that DUI crashes were involved in more than four of every 10 traffic deaths nationally over a recent multi-year period. A considerable number of those fatalities involved pedestrians.

Unsurprisingly, Colorado has an official response to that. The state’s Department of Transportation is turning up the heat on suspected drunk driving. Specifically, the DOT is ordering an enhanced police presence to literally hit the road through November 1 pursuant to the national “The Heat is On” campaign (that initiative kicked off last Friday).

Colorado motorists might reasonably wonder just how aggressive state and municipal police bodies are during the crackdown.

Here’s something to consider: A whopping 375 drivers were reportedly arrested on DUI charges in the state last year on Halloween, with 28 of those arrests occurring in Denver.

The deep defense team at the established Denver law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates wishes all Coloradans a safe and happy holiday. Our attorneys stand ready always to provide knowledgeable and proven legal assistance to individuals who need help defending against traffic-linked criminal charges.


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