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Drunk driver injures Colorado family

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges |

A Colorado family on the way to Denver International Airport was recently injured by a suspected drunken driver when he rear-ended their minivan with his truck. The family was bogged down in a traffic jam surrounding several state troopers who were on the scene of another reported drunken driving accident when the accused drunken driver collided with the back of their minivan, pushing the vehicle up under an adjacent semi-truck.

Emergency medical teams arrived to the scene of the accident quickly and rushed the injured family to several hospitals in the area. The driver of the van suffered some fairly severe injuries, ranging from broken vertebrae to broken ribs. His fiancée was also treated for a serious head wound. The accused drunken driver was not reported to have any significant injuries.

While it is unclear how exactly the accused driver will be charged, the medical bills of the victims are beginning to mount significantly. It is unclear at the time of the writing how the courts will assign responsibility and liability for the accumulating expenses.

Those who find themselves accused causing injuries or wrongful death by drunken driving deserve to be competently represented in a court of law, regardless of the causes or outcome of the accident. An experienced defense attorney will work with any defendant against drunken driving or other offenses to ensure that his or her rights are protected while the case is heard fairly before the court. An exceptional defense should be available to all who stand accused, regardless of the nature of the charges.

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