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August 2015 Archives

Is prison the proper place for this woman?

The irony of the chance encounter was not lost on a Colorado TV reporter writing about the first felony DUI arrest in Mesa County. A guest speaker at a Mothers Against Drunk Drivers meeting called law enforcement to report a driver she believed was drunk. As it turned out, the other driver had also been at the MADD meeting.

Does Colorado regret legalizing marijuana?

A day later, a week later and even three years after making a big purchase, people can experience buyer's remorse. A new poll suggests that Coloradoans are experiencing buyer's remorse after voting in 2012 to legalize marijuana. But some say the poll results are tainted by the pollster's political track record.

The heat is on in Denver in more ways than one

The weather forecasts for the days leading up to the holiday are for a sizzling Denver. The Colorado Department of Transportation and State Patrol are already telling drivers across the state that the coming Labor Day weekend holiday will be blissfully long and hot -- and they're not referring to temperatures.

Denver DUI case judge: Ty Lawson making "excellent progress"

Point guard Ty Lawson has found himself in hot water more than once, but he is apparently keeping things from boiling over. Traded earlier this summer from the Denver Nuggets to the Houston Rockets after his second DUI arrest within a year, the troubled star recently received praise from the Denver judge presiding over the first of this year's drunken driving arrests.

Is Xanax like alcohol in a pill?

As its popularity in treating anxiety has soared over the years, Xanax -- known in its generic form as alprazolam -- has simultaneously become one of the most widely abused prescription drugs. The medication helps users feel relaxed and calm; sometimes sleepy and sometimes lightheaded. In those ways, it resembles another popular substance used for relaxation and calm: alcohol.

Too high to drive?

A new app could reduce the risk of seeing Denver police car lights flashing in your rearview mirror. Makers of MyCanary say the app helps cannabis users determine their impairment levels before they get behind the wheel.

Felony DUI law in effect; prison alcohol treatment not ready

Colorado recently put into effect a felony DUI law, but those sentenced to prison under its provisions might not receive treatment for alcohol abuse while behind bars. According to a Denver TV station, the state's correctional system is a year and a half behind in treatment of prisoners locked up for alcohol-related offenses.

What purpose does the horizontal gaze nystagmus have?

If you've ever watched a police procedural show involving a suspected drunk driver or have been pulled over yourself in real life, chances are you've seen an officer shine a flashlight on an individual and then asked them to follow the movement of a pen or finger. If you're like some of our Denver readers, you might not know why officers do this or what it has to do with determining intoxication.

Colorado city says distracted driving more dangerous than DUI driving

The data, the research and common sense tell us that both behaviors can be dangerous: drunken driving and distracted driving. But according to Colorado Springs law enforcement, distracted drivers are now the leading cause of traffic fatalities in the city 70 miles south of Denver.

What should I do after being pulled over for DUI?

The lights go on. The siren sounds. You look into your rearview mirror and you see a Denver Police squad car. With a glance, you check your speedometer. You weren't speeding, so why are you being pulled over? It's then that the thought occurs to you: that drink you had just before leaving the office get-together after work. Will the officer be able to smell alcohol on you?

Alcohol treatment > prison education

Let's face it: prison presents educational opportunities to learn new skills. A person in a Colorado state prison can learn how to burglarize homes and businesses, what to say to victims during an armed robbery and the proper way to cook meth, among other things. Prison puts together a large group of people with skills and knowledge about how to break the law.