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Marijuana industry will be no easy task for Colorado to create

Colorado is just over two weeks away from legal recreational marijuana. While marijuana will be legal in limited amounts, there are still many unknowns. The regulation of an industry that doesn't yet exist, means Colorado will have to create an industry, and learn how to regulated it.

When marijuana becomes legal in January, many policies will be in place to help ensure it is used responsibly, but some issues will need to be worked out as the sale and use begins. With the development of the industry in Colorado, many questions might arise, such as how to sell and regulate marijuana infused products.

What would happen if candy infused with marijuana got into the hands of a child? While the policies that Colorado has been working on might not be perfect, they are a starting point. However, because the policies can't possibly predict all different scenarios pertaining to the legalization of marijuana, it is possible that some people will experience legal trouble because of the lack of some policies.

If someone is arrested because of marijuana or drug distribution, they might want to seek the help of an attorney. Despite legalization in Colorado, some people might still be found in violation of federal law, or prosecuted because of the lack of Colorado policy understanding. An attorney can work through the ambiguity of the policies after marijuana legalization to ensure a person doesn't have their reputation tarnished because policies aren't clear. This can ensure a person doesn't suffer from consequences in their professional life because of an arrest.

Source: Slate, "Blazing a Trail," Sam Kamin and Joel Warner, Dec. 12, 2013

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