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Denver domestic dispute case dismissed against adventurer

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2013 | Domestic Violence |

Last week in a blog post, we told you about a famous adventure athlete who lives in Denver and was arrested for a domestic violence incident. The man was reportedly involved in a dispute with his girlfriend, in front of a child. Both of them were arrested. When someone is arrested for domestic violence, they have to spend time in jail until they can be seen in court for an initial appearance.

The man in this case, Aron Ralston, had the assault charges dropped. According to a report, he still is facing three other charges, including disturbing the peace, which was added to his charges.

Domestic violence disputes are sensitive issues. Many times, people get into arguments with a spouse or significant other. Voices might be raised, and neighbors might become concerned. If the police are called, there is a good possibility that one or both people will be arrested. Police do this in order to prevent the continuation of a legitimate domestic violence situation, but it can often also result in the arrest of an innocent person.

An attorney can help a person who is arrested for domestic violence in Denver. Sometimes police don’t fully understand the situation that occurred, but arrest the person and start questioning them. These questions might lead to answers that authorities could use to prosecute an individual. If a person speaks to an attorney can has the attorney with them during questioning, they can help the accused person avoid answering questions in a way that might lead to their incrimination.

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