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How to handle a DUI stop in Colorado

In our previous posts, we have discussed the impending DUI enforcement program "Heat is On Holiday Crackdown" in Colorado. The program is an offshoot of similar enforcement efforts taken by law enforcement during other holidays during the year.

With December being National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, we expect that many people will be stopped by law enforcement on suspicion of DWAI, DUI or other impaired driving offenses. With that said, it is important to know how to handle stops by the police.

Be polite - Nothing good will come out of being snippy with an officer as he (or she) comes to your window. Sarcastic remarks and annoying tones will only give the officer more reason to ask you "to step out of the vehicle." At that point, you are certain to be arrested. So keep it cool and treat the stop like a public service announcement.

Do what the officer says, and do it slowly - Slow and steady wins the day in these situations. Avoid making quick moves, because officers are trained to see (and defend against) aggressive moves. The best policy ask the officer to get them before moving. For example "My driver's license is in my back pocket. Is it okay to reach for it?"

Maintain eye contact - To police officers, the eyes can tell them all they need to know. Bloodshot eyes suggest intoxication, shifty eyes suggest deception, and cold stares indicate aggression. So keep their attention through eye contact, but focus on different areas of the face so that you give the impression that you are paying attention, but are also not trying to win a staring contest.

Source:, Traffic Stop Do's and Don'ts

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