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November 2012 Archives

Private associations handing out traffic tickets

A Colorado homeowner's association has taken it upon itself to issue speeding tickets to individuals that are allegedly caught driving more than 30 miles per hour while within the community gates. If the driver happens to be a visitor to the community, the individual they are there to visit will receive the fine.

Crackdown on drinking and driving took place over Halloween

A sting was conducted by Colorado law enforcement authorities over Halloween, and this resulted in 72 arrests for DUI in the Denver area and over 500 arrests statewide. The Colorado authorities have reported that there were more arrests this year than occurred around Halloween in 2011. Another crackdown is in the works over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

Could marijuana legalization affect traffic laws?

Colorado recently legalized possession of marijuana, as well as home grows and marijuana stores for anyone over the age of 21. However, the states which border Colorado have not passed the same legislation, and what is legal on one side of the border is an offense that can lead to arrest on the other. Notably, Wyoming representatives have recently spoke out about the laws in their state. In Cheyenne, the police chief noted that all of his officers have been fully trained in drug recognition.

Colorado County to dismiss a number of marijuana charges

In light of Amendment 64 being passed in Colorado, the district attorney for Boulder is expected to dismiss all pending cases regarding possession of marijuana when the amount in question weighed less than an ounce. This will be the first of county district attorneys to dismiss such cases, but there may be others that will do the same during the coming months.

Colorado defendant challenges search warrant leading to arrest

To be issued a search warrant in a criminal matter, the investigating police officers are required to show probable cause that some sort of criminal activity is taking place. However, in one Colorado case, the attorney representing a defendant claims the officer lied so that a search warrant could be granted.

Colorado voters approve recreational use of marijuana

Last week Colorado voters approved Amendment 64, which would end the prohibition of marijuana and allow recreational use of the drug. According to the Denver Post, the projected win drew raucous cheers and quizzical looks on election night, along with a sense of uncertainty for what lies ahead.

Dance instructor charged with prostitution

A Zumba dance instructor is now being charged with soliciting more than 100 individuals as a part of a prostitution ring. Apparently, she was also an honors student in high school, provided dance classes for local parks and recreation programs, hosted charity events and was praised as being a good mother to her 7-year old son.

Domestic violence and same-sex couples

Claimed increases in domestic violence during recent years may be due to this simply being more reported than it was in the past. More domestic violence being reported does not necessarily mean that there is more domestic violence occurring.

How Probation is Determined in DUI Cases

As the holidays get closer, the drumbeat of anti-drunk driving campaigns will get louder and law enforcement agencies will implement more patrols to keep drunk drivers off the road. Universally, society does not want dangerous drivers on the road. At the same time, judges don't want to put people in jail who don't need to be there. Many drivers charged with DUI (or DWAI) are non-violent people who are gainfully employed and do not pose a significant threat to society.

Denver is handing out more and more parking tickets

Apparently, the city of Denver is making a great deal of money off of handing out parking tickets throughout the city. While in 2006, the city made a little over $15 million in revenue, in 2011 it had made close to $28 million - a 76 percent increase in just 5 years.

Former baseball great arrested for DUI

Hall of Fame catcher, Carlton Fisk, was recently arrested for DUI after police reportedly found him passed out in his pickup truck in a corn field. Police stated that the engine of the truck was still running when they found the former baseball star.