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October 2012 Archives

Colorado's 'Heat Is On' Program In Effect for Halloween

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), in conjunction with the Colorado State Patrol, recently announced that their Halloween "Heat Is On" campaign will be in effect this week. The latest DUI enforcement initiative is take on the American Automobile Association's (AAA) "100 Deadliest Days of Summer" safety campaign, and is a federally funded program aimed at keeping drunk drivers of the road.

Federal drug trafficking and conspiracy charges pursued

An alleged conspiracy to distribute drugs has resulted in the arrest of a number of individuals - including some from Colorado. Presumably since the drugs traveled across state or even national borders, at least 15 of these individuals are facing federal indictments for drug trafficking and conspiracy.

Sexual assault and college campuses

There is controversy as to whether a large number of false rape claims are being made on many college campuses. One non-profit group claims this is increasingly occurring in a number of colleges (presumably including colleges in the Colorado area as well).

TCU Quarterback in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

After his October 4th arrest on suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI), TCU quarterback Casey Pachall was suspended indefinitely from the team. Five days later, head coach Gary Patterson announced that Pachall would leave school for the rest of the fall semester and enter into an inpatient treatment facility. While the details of Pachall's stay were not publicly disclosed, Patterson explained that most treatment stays range between 30 and 60 days. He also indicated that Pachall could be reinstated if he completes his treatment program.

Domestic violence charges dropped against deputy sheriff

Possibly the most difficult area of law revolves around accusations of domestic violence and abuse. It's impossible to condone domestic violence, but at the same time individuals accused of such behavior are entitled to a defense.

High Court to Hear Missouri Blood Draw Case

The U.S. Supreme Court will take up the issue of whether police officers must obtain a search warrant before forcibly taking blood samples from a drunk driving suspect. Legal analysts believe that the case will shape privacy rights for drivers across America.

Denver police now subject to same traffic rules as everyone else

Whether it concerns criminal law, traffic law, or administrative fines, the legal system becomes unjust if such penalties are not handed out evenly. There have been many complaints in Denver of police officers running traffic lights while on routine duty and then ignoring the traffic tickets that they receive.

Should suspected drunk drivers be made to submit to blood tests?

The United States Supreme Court will soon address whether someone pulled over by a law enforcement officer must submit to a blood test before that officer can obtain a warrant. This decision will affect DUI law in all vicinities - including Denver.

Prank Lands Colorado Springs High School Student in Trouble

A Colorado Springs high school student could be facing criminal charges after allegedly pulling a prank in the school cafeteria. According to a report, police cited the student with reckless endangerment and interference with staff, faculty or students of an educational institution. Both charges are class 3 misdemeanors, which are punishable by up to six months in jail and a $750 fine.

Stigma of sexual assault continues after charges dismissed

A Colorado real estate broker had four sexual assault charges dismissed against him more than a year ago, but this individual continues to fight to have the arrest and court records made confidential. The attention that comes along with being considered a "sex offender" generally outweighs any news that the individual was acquitted of the charged crimes.

Drug charges involve interesting choice of community service

Three Colorado college students were arrested for trespassing and possession of marijuana, but charges against the three students were dropped after the students performed community service. What kind of community service was performed? The three volunteered to perform community service by working for Colorado's pro-legalization of marijuana Amendment 64 that will be voted upon in November.

DUI Accident May Force Change in Colorado Laws

High-profile DUI arrests or accidents often lead to calls for changes in the potential penalties that are in place for those who are convicted. Even first-time DUI offenders know that they are facing some serious consequences, which may include jail time.

Marijuana, THC and alleged DUI

Colorado lawmakers are discussing possible blood level limits for individuals allegedly under the influence of marijuana. Such proposals have come up in the past, but Colorado legislators have decided against such laws on three separate occasions. In fact, only two states in the nation so far have similar type of legislation on the books.

Charges of domestic violence against hearing impaired man dropped

A deaf man was detained in Adams County Detention Facility in 2010 after being arrested on domestic violence related charges. This individual was then detained without having any ability to communicate with the individuals in charge of the facility.