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February 2012 Archives

Both sides in rape case against Denver Bronco surprised in court

Television programs and movies can make court cases seem dramatic and unpredictable. But in reality, the only people who might commonly be surprised in the process of a trial is a jury. The prosecution and defense are generally prepared for the evidence that is to come. They share evidence in preparation for the trial in order to give each side a fair chance at evaluating evidence from both sides.

ACLU targets Denver over habit of wrongful arrests

What do Bradley Braxton and a Christina FourHorn of Colorado have in common? Well, among others in the area, they were wrongfully arrested. Their identities did not match those of the suspects that Denver authorities were really looking for. Braxton, a black man, was arrested with a warrant for sexual assault. The suspect listed on the warrant not only had an entirely different name, but he was also white.

Enormous drug bust takes place in Denver

A week after what is being touted as one of the largest, if not the largest, ever drug bust in Denver, 97 people face criminal charges and 80 people have been arrested on allegations that they participated in a large-scale drug distribution ring in Denver. After the cocaine bust, 17 suspects remain at large.

Local government official was not cited for DUI after traffic stop

Being a high-profile person comes with some benefits, but it has its downfalls as well. Being the target in a traffic stop can be stressful enough without the entire community having to hear about it. Colorado Rep. Laura Bradford and her family have lived with that stress during the past couple of weeks.

Country singer avoids jail in domestic violence case

Whenever charges are made that a couple has been involved in domestic violence, the facts can be difficult to determine. The difficulty is that, oftentimes, it is one person's word against the other.

Colorado man apologizes for a fatal car crash

If you have been accused of a crime, it is extremely important that you understand your rights. A criminal conviction can create serious consequences. For example, some penalties include lengthy jail time. In recent news, a local Colorado man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for vehicular homicide.

Colorado marijuana dispensaries face federal crackdowns

Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries are facing a challenge from federal authorities to shut down or face criminal charges, despite state laws that allow the outlets. The U.S. stand is that these dispensaries present a danger to school children, even though Colorado has its own regulations that apply to medical cannabis. The sellers must decide if the fight is worth the potential penalties that could arise from a federal crackdown on their businesses. The letters from John Walsh, a Colorado U.S. attorney, informed sellers they must close their medical marijuana dispensaries by Feb. 27. This effort by the feds may be subject to further litigation if an initiative by advocates to legalize pot use by adults over age 21 gets on the November ballot in Colorado.