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Ugly Colorado traffic incident leads to no criminal charge

Failing to move forward immediately when a light turns green is not a traffic violation. It can, however, be annoying and disrupting to the drivers behind that person. Most of us are in a hurry these days and feel that it is our responsibility to help ensure that traffic runs smoothly, which is why using one's car horn is not only acceptable but sometimes helpful.

One Colorado driver learned in September that using his car horn could actually be dangerous. That hurry that we are all in can sometimes result in road rage and violent crime, and that was how a traffic scenario played out near a traffic light in Colorado Springs. The incident put one driver at risk of a homicide charge, but that threat is no longer on the table.

Sources report that on Sept. 9, the potential homicide suspect honked his horn at the driver in front of him because he failed to proceed forward at a green light. Instead of taking the honk as a helpful driving reminder, the driver in front of the suspect got out of his car, threatened and got physical with the driver behind him.

What would you do in this situation? Would you push back? Would you feel that natural instinct to protect yourself? That is what the suspect felt and did, only his actions ended in death. He reportedly pushed the man away from him. When he fell, he hit his head and ultimately didn't survive his injuries.

While it's an upsetting story with a grave outcome, the laws in Colorado protect the suspect from facing a formal homicide charge. He believed he was in danger and simply reacted in order to defend himself from someone whom he felt was a threat.

Source "No Charges Filed In Road Rage Death," Nov. 21, 2011

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