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Domestic violence claim keeps Colorado player off football field

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2011 | Domestic Violence |

There are certain accusations in life that have more significant negative effects on a person’s reputation and overall life. A highly-regarded football player for Colorado State University is living the reality of that point currently. He’s being accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend based on a reported incident that occurred nearly a week ago.

Sources do not report that the 22-year-old suspect has been formally charged yet, but he was arrested on suspicion of domestic assault, harassment and criminal mischief. Even though he is yet to be formally charged or convicted, the young man is suffering the consequences of such a serious allegation.

According to reports, the suspect was arrested after it was reported that he had become violent with his girlfriend at her apartment and damaged property in her place. When someone is arrested for suspicion of domestic violence, he is required to stay in custody of authorities overnight. It might not sound like much, but for a person without a criminal history, even one night in jail can be crushing.

A night in jail is not the only consequence that the young suspect has faced as a result of a mere allegation. This is the young man’s senior year in college, and he’s been playing on CSU’s football team since he was a freshman. Since his arrest for domestic assault, he’s been temporarily suspended from playing with his team.

An investigation into the incident is pending and will determine what charges, if any, the player will actually face. In his case, and any other person’s case who is accused of domestic violence, it will take aggressive, knowledgeable legal representation to try to minimize the effect of the arrest as much as possible.


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