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August 2011 Archives

Accident involving no driver could still lead to criminal charges

How could a driver possibly face criminal charges related to a car accident when the accident took place while he wasn't driving? The question sounds a bit like a riddle, doesn't it?

Colorado campaign aims at drugged drivers

It is no surprise that Colorado law enforcement is hard on drunk drivers. And just like in other areas of the country during this time of year, enforcement is out in full force through Labor Day, waiting to find a reason to pull drivers over for suspicion of drunk driving.

Denver-area school sued over teacher's sexual assault

Three ex-students are suing a suburban Denver high school and its school district over a former teacher who was found guilty of sex crimes. The teacher, who was also a wrestling coach, was recently found guilty in the sexual assault of a student.

International group opposes past Colorado domestic violence case

Certain kinds of cases evoke stronger emotions than others. Crimes of violence create passionate responses, especially when they involve the deaths of children. A past, high-profile, Colorado domestic violence case not only made waves in the state, but it made them across the country and across international lines.

Another Denver Bronco faces criminal charges

It's only preseason; yet, officials have already found a reason to arrest an NFL player for an alleged crime. It is no surprise that professional athletes commonly become targets of criminal charges, and this time, it is a Denver Bronco whose future is on the line.

Colorado enacts law related to pregnancy and domestic violence

In March, we shared a post discussing a proposed Colorado legislation related to domestic violence. Lawmakers in the state are trying to create laws that make it easier to solve homicides of women and that could prevent domestic abuse.

Controversial red light and speed cameras spark legal disputes

We have shared information on this criminal defense blog before about the newer technologies that the state has used to try to catch people committing traffic violations. Law enforcement depends on red light cameras and speeding cameras to ticket people for running a light or speeding.

Ex-NBA star swallows evidence to avoid marijuana charge

Have you ever been pulled over by police? Many people get pulled over in their lives, usually for pretty standard issues, like speeding or some other minor traffic violation. Even with something that small, however, the anxiety that's set off when a squad car's lights go off behind you can cause people to do some less-than-brilliant things.

DNA test contributes to sex assault charge against NFL's Cox

We have written about the criminal case against Denver Broncos player Perrish Cox on multiple occasions. Details about the sexual assault case have been a long time coming because of attorneys' requests for the arrest affidavit related to the incident to be kept private.