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Man Goes from Colorado DUI Suspect to Attempted Murder Suspect

A note to all who might be suspected of driving drunk: try not to injure a police officer who is trying to investigate the case. Last Tuesday, Dec. 28, a Colorado man was pulled over by police based on drunk driving suspicion. Instead of complying with the officer, the DUI suspect reportedly sped off and drove over the officer's foot in his misguided attempt to flee the scene.

According to sources, police pulled the suspect over after receiving a call from an unnamed witness regarding the Colorado DUI suspect's driving. It wasn't until after about 45 minutes from receiving that citizen's tip when authorities managed to get the fleeing suspect in their custody. But within that time, the situation intensified to the point where now the man is not only facing charges of drunk driving; he is charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless driving as well.

Various details about this incident are still to be confirmed and shared, including exactly why the suspect is charged with attempted first-degree murder. Reports do indicate, however, that the Colorado chase involved multiple gunshots that resulted in no critical injuries among officers or the suspect. Exactly who fired the shots is still private information. Investigators are looking into the incident, and when they come forward with more details, we will post an update.

Currently, the DUI turned attempted murder suspect is being held in the Adams County Jail. Whether he has a criminal background is yet to be disclosed, but we will share such information as it becomes available.

Source "CSP Suspect Ran Over Thornton Officer's Foot Before Pursuit," April Schildmeyer, 29 Dec. 2010

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