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October 2010 Archives

Can Denver Drivers Get Away with Not Paying Traffic Tickets?

According to a recent CBS4 news report, a lot of Denver residents have avoided paying their traffic tickets. Colorado, unlike some other states, still uses red light cameras on its roads. When a driver gets a traffic ticket because a traffic camera caught them running a red light, drivers apparently feel they have the freedom to avoid paying those fines compared to when they are pulled over by an officer.

Colorado's Teen Girls Need Help to Stay Out of the System

A study conducted by a Denver sociology and criminology professor indicates that Colorado's daughters need help. Both locally and nationally, more concern has been expressed over the amount of men that winds up in correctional facilities, but what about the country's teenage girls?

Prescription Drug Use Complicates DUI Prosecution

If someone has been pulled over, arrested and charged with driving under the influence, their case could be more complicated than it initially seems. A growing portion of the American population relies on prescription drugs to live a happy, healthy life. Most people, however, do not imagine that prescription drug use could affect their everyday capabilities, such as driving.

Old Colorado Rape Case Reemerges as GOP Candidate Runs for Office

As election season is upon us, incriminating stories about certain political candidates are bound to come up. It's part of the gig. Such is the case for a current GOP candidate from Colorado who is running for U.S. Senate. Accusations are surrounding the candidate that he made an unethical decision in his legal work in 2005. He is accused of treating a woman's allegation of sexual assault in a dismissive manner and failing to prosecute the case.

Colorado Defendants: Post Bond or Bond with Cellmates

There is a lot at stake if you are a criminal defendant. But one thing that defendants have traditionally enjoyed is the option of being released from jail until their court date by paying a monetary amount set by the judge. Known as posting a secured bond, the money is returned when you show up for your court appearance.  The other option is an unsecured bond, where a defendant promises to not skip town before their trial date.

Jury Acquits Ex Olympian Charged with Colorado Sex Assault

In order to protect the privacy of the parties involved in a Colorado case, this blog will not include any specific names. A recent verdict announced by a jury regarding an alleged rape incident means good news for the former Olympic athlete who was accused of the crime. Mr. V. was formally charged with felony sexual assault following a 2008 meeting he had with a minor. But the Colorado jury in the case found Mr. V not guilty of the crime on Wednesday.

Will Colorado Violate Suspects' Privacy in Sexual Assault Cases?

Your rights to privacy today are more intact in the state of Colorado than they will probably be tomorrow. A change in law will take effect that is meant to catch violent criminals and sexual assault offenders. If arrested on suspicion of committing a felony, officers will not only have the right to take your fingerprints, but they can swab your cheek for DNA and store the information in a database if you are formally charged.

Officers Won't Be Charged with Denver Inmate's Homicide

On Aug. 17, we published a post about a Denver inmate who died shortly after being brought into the correctional facility. The victim was homeless and had been arrested on drug charges. According to reports of the incident, the inmate was resisting officer orders during booking and, therefore, he needed to be restrained.