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June 2010 Archives

Denver Officer Being Investigated for Violent, Unethical Practices

Michael Morelock is only 30 years old and has only been working for the Denver Police Department for four years. But in that short time, the police officer has managed to stir up some serious doubt surrounding his behavior both on and off of the job.

Colorado Man Who Killed His Mother Diagnosed as Schizophrenic

On March 13, 2009, Mina Weiler, 60, was killed in her own home--and by her own son. Her 21-year-old son, Christopher Benjamin Weiler, was arrested by Colorado officials after his mother's body was found in her house. Her body was badly beaten, reportedly due to Christopher Weiler having fatally attacked her with a guitar.

Fake Clean Titles Get Dirty Colorado Car Dealer Felony Conviction

When someone buys a used car from a dealership, they are issued a title. When spending money on something as expensive and important to one's safety as a car, a wise buyer likely purchases a vehicle that comes with a clean title. But what happens when a clean title is misrepresented? A recent Colorado felony case shows us what can happen when buyers' trust in a car dealer is violated.

From Colorado to Pakistan Caves: Man Arrested for Osama Hunt

A recent, international news story reveals that one of Colorado's very own attempted to locate and kill Osama bin Laden. Gary Brooks Faulkner, 51, was arrested on Monday, June 14, while visiting Pakistan as a so-called "tourist." According to his family, it was Faulkner's sixth visit to the country. Faulkner's presence in the Middle Eastern country, however, was not just a visit. It was a mission.

Colorado Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Sex Offense

Colorado man Michael Bruce Shaw was arrested at his home on March 25th. Investigators compiled enough evidence to warrant a search of his home to confirm or clear their suspicion that Shaw was involved in the Internet sex crime of downloading and distributing child pornography. The search and arrest were initiated after the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force noticed that illegal pornographic files were consistently being trafficked to and from Shaw's address.

Colorado Man Wrongly Convicted of Murder Awarded $10 Million

In 1987, Colorado woman Peggy Hettrick was murdered and sexually mutilated. In 2008, the man Larimer County thought was her murderer was released from prison. Timothy Masters completed 10 years of his life sentence, a sentence that, as it turns out, Masters did not deserve. Masters and his attorney fought the murder conviction and sentence by arguing the following:

Colorado's Sentencing Laws for Drug Crimes Under Review

Mandatory sentencing in Colorado for drug crimes is meant to crack down on criminal behavior and keep dangerous, repeat offenders off of the streets. But what does the Colorado community do when mandatory sentencing infringes on the legal system's ability to think critically and determine justice in independent cases?