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Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C. — Kianpour Meets with Parents and Cops As Part of Douglas County Youth Initiative

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(Denver, Colo.) May 7 – Criminal defense attorney Shazam Kianpour of the Denver, Colorado law firm Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., attended the March 2010 meeting of the WrapArounD program for the Douglas County Youth Initiative where parents and law enforcement met to talk about keeping children out of the criminal justice system.
Shazam Kianpour meeting parents and cops as part of Douglas County Youth Initiative
Kianpour explained, “As a former government employee, I understand the perspective of local judges and prosecutors with regard to juvenile crime. I also have extensive experience in this area from the thousands of many criminal cases I have defended. I enjoy working with WrapArounD because of its laudable goal of keeping the vulnerable youth of Douglas County away from unproductive criminal institutions and safe at home with their families.

WrapArounD was started in September of 2006 with the dual purpose of keeping children of low-income families in trouble with the law at home and to save the county money that is drained through sending these juveniles away from their homes as punishment or for treatment. The Douglas County Youth Initiative oversees the WrapArounD program and frequently holds presentations to forward the program’s goals.

Attorney Kianpour advises that for many first-time juvenile offenders, reduced criminal charges can be negotiated and teenagers can be placed in diversion programs, like WrapArounD, to avoid serving time in jail. This may also allow the juvenile to maintain a clean permanent record, because criminal convictions for youth can have many lasting effects.

The main meeting location for the Douglas County Youth Initiative and its programs is in the Municipal Courtroom of the Castle Rock Municipal Court Building, located at 100 Perry Street in Castle Rock, CO. For information on the WrapArounD program, contact Carla Turner, Youth Services Program Manager at 303-688-4825 ext. 5327.

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