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December 2008 Archives

Domestic Violence and the Holidays

While the holidays generally seem like a time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family, too often the stress of jam-packed and busy days like these can lead to household tensions that can have disastrous consequences. Too often we see a spike in Domestic Violence cases where spouses who are already under a financial stress seem to get angrier at each other while trying to cope with life, financial, and familial challenges.

DUI and the Holidays

The first thing most people think of when you mention the holidays are the all too fun holiday parties that are lined up with food and drink to spare. This is a chance for you and your friends to unwind get some stress out and maybe have a few Christmas Ales, perhaps a little Brandy in the old Eggnog, or maybe a few different drinks to get the edge off. Well, keep in mind that the police are also aware of this fact and ready to test you for that DUI or DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired which is a lesser form of DUI).

District Attorneys Get Tough on Economic Crimes

With the state of the economy as it is and people getting laid off or losing their jobs, it is no surprise that economic crimes are on the rise. What is important to know however is that District Attorneys and Judges are aware of this and are handing out tough penalties to people charge with economic crimes like Fraud, Forgery, Possession of a Forged Instrument (usually a check), Theft, and the more recently popular ID Theft.

What are the hidden costs of taking a Felony Conviction?

What are the hidden costs of taking a felony conviction? When criminal defendants are deciding how to best handle their case, oftentimes there are a number of collateral consequences nobody tells them about. A court and a district attorney aren't under any obligation to tell you about some of these consequences. While it's impossible to foresee every consequence from a case, there are some every criminal defendant should be aware of.