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November 2008 Archives

DUI and How It Will Affect Your Driver's License in 2009

Drivers accused of Driving Under the Influence in Colorado will face stiffer consequences come January 1, 2009. Currently adult drivers who are enduring their first DUI accusation (called a "per se revocation") face the possibility of losing their privilege to drive for three months. If those driving privileges are revoked then that driver would be eligible after thirty days to request a Probationary Drivers License (a.k.a. "PDL" or "Red License"). All of that is about to change come the new year.

Domestic Violence - Why Was There an Arrest When Nobody "Pressed Charges"?

Something that everyone seems to always wonder is why someone accused of domestic violence always ends up in jail. It seems that this fact is never fully explained by police officers when they make contact with the defendant and their family. Often times, it is not the defendant (our future client) but rather a family member or even the alleged victim that ends up calling our firm for help. They always wonder why the officer took their loved one into custody regardless of whether the alleged victim is pressing charges or not.